How Visual Competencies Can Affect Your Child’s Learning

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How Visual Competencies Can Affect Your Child’s Learning

Visual competencies is vital in your child’s learning journey. To be effective in learning, evaluation is important. The ability or competencies in effective evaluation begins with what we see and how we see.

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2 Types Of Operational Components Of Visual Competencies

There exists mainly two major operational components of Visual Competencies,

The first being “Visual Attending”. 

The word attending refers to the ability to stay focused on a particular thing.

Visual Attending applies to a few situations.

Sometimes, you might need prolonged and sustained visual attention – staying focused for a period of time.  Others, you might need dividedvisual attention – focusing on more than one thing at a time.

You might even need flexible visual attention – switching focus from one thing to another smoothly.  There are times when all of these skills are necessary all at once!

The second being “Visual Processing”

On the other hand, the word processing refers to the ability to take in, evaluate and comprehend information that you take in.

It also includes the speed at which you’re able to process and fully comprehend the information taken in at hand, more often than not through visual attending.

Observing Visual Competencies Through The Animal Kingdom

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To better observe the importance of both Visual Attending Visual Processing, we should draw parallels to the animal kingdom.

It is certainly interesting to note that animals with their eyes located at the front – similar to human beings – are usually predators while those with eyes on the sides are usually the prey.

To name a few of them, these animals have eyes located at the front; fox, lion, tigers, eagles, owls etc.

They need to evaluate both the location (distance) and size of their prey. They need their eyes to properly evaluate if the situation/environment as well as their prey could be a potential catch.

These animals have similar operational components/features in terms of Visual Attending & Visual Processing, just like their human counterparts.

Wrapping Up – Visual Competencies

Therefore, to reiterate, Visual Attending is the ability and stamina to take in important multiple single units’ visual information.

It’s also the ability to sustain or focus on visual information for periods of time AND shift focus when necessary.

Visual Processing, on the other hand, is the ability to take in and comprehend information seen at an acceptable or reasonable speed.

What Can We As Parents Do For Our Child If We Wish To Improve On Their Visual Competencies?

This is where our clinic Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC) comes in. 

What we do down here is help children/youths alike undergo specific cognitive and physiological exercises that can help build up their learning stamina.

We at Children/Youth Learning & Counselling Clinic (CYLCC) have been helping children with learning disorder/difficulties for the past 15 years!

Taking ownership of learning is knowing that you are not limited by how much you can pick up in a specific amount of time, but how your/your children’s brain and body can respond effectively and quickly. 

Because simply put, learning is not “just all in the head”. 

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